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vertebroplasty surgery in Mumbai


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Vertebroplasty is an image-guided surgical procedure that aims to stabilize the spine by treating compressional fractures usually occurring in the thoracic or lumbar spine. Typically, compression fractures occur due to several reasons such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, or degenerative spine.

The vertebroplasty is considered a MISS surgery because it requires small punching in the skin for accessing the exact vertebra, contrary to open surgery. Our procedure for vertebroplasty in Mumbai is extremely safe and efficient in treating compressional fractures.

Procedure Brief

The procedure of vertebroplasty in Mumbai completes in one to two hours. It is a brief procedure where the surgeon incises the skin through a small punch, exactly on the affected vertebrae confirmed through prior diagnostic tests. 

Next, he inserts a specialized biopsy injection( coupled with fluoroscope) angularly onto the pedicle of the vertebra and injects a low-viscosity bone cement in the fractured vertebra. The injected bone cement spreads rapidly, creating an internal cast within the vertebra, solidifying in less than five minutes.

STEP-BY- STEP Vertebroplasty Procedure

The steps are as follows:

  • The doctor plans the vertebroplasty surgery based on the diagnostic reports of the patient beforehand.
  • The patient enters the operating room and is asked to lie down on a padded operational bench, with the back facing the surgeon.
  • The surgeon injects local anesthesia on the exact spot to numb the operational site.
  • The surgeon incises a small hole exactly on the affected vertebra, inserts a fluoroscopic guided bioscopy injection, and makes a window to reach the site without disturbing surrounding tissues and muscles.
  • Then, the surgeon injects PMMA bone cement into the fractured vertebra. The bone cement spread out, filling the cracks and concealing bone fractures.
  • The surgeon sees the process of filling on a monitor and injects the bone cement until all fractures are filled. The bone cement solidifies in lesser than five minutes.
  • The surgeon pulls out the injection carefully, sealing the puncture with sutures.
  • After confirming cement solidification and bone stabilization, the patient is moved to the observation room for a couple of hours.

Why Choose Dr. Saijyot Raut For Vertebroplasty?

Though vertebroplasty in Mumbai is a brief procedure, it requires utmost diligence, skills, and prior planning to operation. The surgeon has to inject the bone cement optimally, just in the right quantity to all fill fractures, and ensure bone cement adhesion with natural bone. Since this is a MISS procedure, it is considered safe, but vertebroplasty has to be performed in skilled hands to avoid damage to tissues, muscles, or ligaments while incising back.

Dr. Raut is a skilled and professional surgeon, deploying the best of his knowledge in surgeries. His team works in sync with him ensuring a safe non-surgical or surgical treatment course for every patient.

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