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Spinal reconstruction surgery in Mumbai

Spinal Reconstruction Surgery

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Spinal Reconstruction surgery is a life-enhancing surgery. It aims to correct a deformity or misalignment in the spine column. In the surgery, vertebrae are cut out and replaced with bone grafts or artificial devices that easily adheres to adjacent vertebrae and fuses into a natural structure.

When Is Spinal Reconstruction Surgery Recommended?

Spinal Reconstruction Surgery is recommended in the following cases:

  • Spine condition not responding to medicines, therapies, and braces
  • Fractures in one or more vertebrae
  • Severe spinal deformity
  • Multiple fractures due to osteoporosis 
  • Compressions of spinal nerve roots
  • Removal of spinal tumor


The procedure proceeds in the following steps:

  • Preparation- The surgeon diagnoses the spine condition and then prepares for reconstruction surgery. The person is asked to lie on the surgical bench with their back on the operational side. The doctor assesses and marks the incision on the operational site. Then, the surgeon injects anesthesia to numb the site and withdraw sensations.

  • Fixation: The doctors incise and assess the operational site; fix retractors that are clamps and screws in brackets above and below the damaged vertebrae/disc. This before-handed fixation is done to support spinal structure to withstand destabilization while removing vertebrae.

  • Vertebral removal- The vertebrae are carefully taken out using retractors, and the spine is realigned in proper shape. This is a critical stage in which the doctor corrects alignment in optimal shape, minding the nuances of the spinal structure.

  • Graft Insertion– The graft is either bone or bone-like material enclosed in a cage. It is designed to adhere to the spinal bones easily. It fills are replaces the removed part.

  • Stabilization– Finally, the spine alignment is readjusted and checked for any abnormality in the spine curve. The graft is tightened with screws to form a composite structure and spine’s part. 

The reconstruction surgery intends to stabilize the spine and align it in optimal shape by eliminating imbalanced vertebral motions.

Our surgeon may choose spinal reconstruction alongside various surgical techniques, depending on the extent of the deformity. Some surgical techniques include MISS or minimally invasive surgery, artificial disc replacement, kyphoplasty, endoscopy, and spinal fusion.

Why Trust Dr. Saijyot Raut For Spinal Reconstruction Surgery In Mumbai?

Dr. Saijyot Raut is one of the well-known spine specialists and spine surgeons in Mumbai. His tailored treatments are based on logical and diagnostic deductions. He utilizes his knowledge for performing an adept spinal reconstruction surgery in Mumbai. His team handles every individual surgery compassionately, giving patients a safe and optimistic feel about their spine surgery.

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