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Back pain can severely compromise the quality of life, and in some cases, it can even make it hard to sit and stand. Modifying activities and learning techniques that reduce stress on the back are crucial to keeping your spine healthy. Given below are some lifestyle tips shared by him to help you relieve yourself from back pain:

Practice good posture

Poor posture and slouching can put more pressure on the back and result in poor spine health. Practicing the right posture, even for few minutes, can make a whole lot of difference. A right posture makes sure you use the right back muscles and doesn’t put excessive strain on the spine or other parts that are susceptible to injury.


Exercise your core to strengthen your abs and back muscles. The core muscles should be strong and toned to support your spine and take pressure off your lower back. The exercises that stretch and strengthen the back should be done regularly. You can also include the balance exercises that work the trunk muscles.

Maintain a healthy weight

A good weight is important not just for the spine but for the overall health. Obesity often contributes to back pain, as the extra pounds increase the stress on spinal muscles and discs. Decreasing your weight by even a little can make a significant difference. 

Focus on ergonomics

Ergonomics is the study and practice of proper body mechanics. Ergonomics at work cannot be emphasized enough, especially if you work a desk job. It can make a huge difference when you need to sit before a computer for extended periods of work.

Get physical therapy

Physical therapies such as a good massage reduce the stress on the back by improving circulation and relaxing the over-tight muscles and muscle spasms. Physical therapies such as acupuncture, electrical nerve stimulation, or cervical manipulations also help provide relief from the pain.

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