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Keyhole Surgery In Mumbai

Keyhole Surgery

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Keyhole surgery is minimally invasive surgery, where the surgeon accesses internal organs through a small incision of the size of a keyhole. It eliminates the need for open surgery and is usually done to access the abdomen called laparoscopy or female’s pelvic parts. Our surgeon recommends keyhole surgery in Mumbai for spinal conditions, such as spinal decompression, spinal instrumentation, spinal fusion, disc prolapse, and diagnosis.

How is Key-hole Surgery Done?

For keyhole surgery, a thin tube called an endoscope with a light source; a camera mounted on its top, is passed into the operational site through a small incision. The surgeon then creates other small incisions to pass MISS tools. The setup of keyhole surgery in Mumbai helps doctors better see and access the inner body, which can be operated on with the invigilation of the camera.

Types Of Key-Hole Surgery For Spine

All fusion surgeries replace the damaged vertebrae or intervertebral disc with a bone or bone-like material to stabilize the spine. And all MIS surgeries or keyholes are done through small incisions for lesser pain and faster recovery.

 Few types of key-hole spine surgeries include:

  • Endoscopic OLIF Surgery– Stands for oblique lateral interbody fusion is a minimally invasive spine surgery technique to access the lumbar spine and perform fusion through a small oblique incision, avoiding stripping of psoas muscles and interference with nerves. 

  • Endoscopic TLIF Surgery– Endoscopic( Keyhole) Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) is the type of keyhole surgery or a minimally invasive technique. In this, the spine is assessed through the foramen (an opening that allows the nerve roots to exit), the posterior spine, with an incision lesser than 1 cm. It does not require retracting muscles from bones, hence, leads to lesser pain and blood loss, and the patient recovers faster.

  • ALIF– Stands for Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion. The MISS ALIF is a fusion surgery accesses the spine through the abdomen avoiding the back muscles altogether. It is performed to relieve low back or leg pain caused due to degenerative disc disease. 

  • ACDF– Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion is an MIS procedure to treat herniated disc or degenerated disc in the cervical neck. The cervical portion is accessed through the front neck, through a small incision and precision MIS instruments inserted, and fusion surgery performed. 

  • Microforaminotomy– This is MIS surgery for decompression of spinal nerves. The surgeon expands the pathway to the nerve-root pathway- The foramen– by removing herniated discs or bone spurs.

  • MIcrodiscectomy– It is a nerve-decompression surgery of the lumbar region. In this MIS procedure, the surgeon removes the bony projections, bone-spurs, or Intervertebral disc pinching nerves in the lumbar portion.

  • MIcrolaminectomy– Like the above two, this too is a decompression procedure to relieve nerve roots. In this surgery, the bone, spurs, intervertebral disc, and lamina compressing nerve root are removed. Lamina is a thin plate that protects each ridge of the spinal cord.

  • Microlaminotomy– Miroaminotomy is the same as microlaminectomy, but in this partial lamina is removes whereas, in microlaminectomy, the full lamina is removed for decompression

Advantages of Keyhole Surgery Over Open Surgery

The MISS keyhole surgery offers many advantages in contrary to open surgery. The advantages are discussed below as:

  • Very small incisions
  • Lesser blood loss
  • Minimum pain killers prescription
  • More comfortable and less fearful
  • Minimum risk of infection
  • Lesser stay-period of hospitalization
  • Surgery on a smaller scale
  • Faster recovery than open surgery
  • Lesser incidence of surgery-related back pain
  • Fewer post-operative complications

Our Treatment Methods Of Keyhole Surgery in Mumbai

We use keyhole surgery in Mumbai for both diagnosis and treatment. It has a camera mounted on a rod that gives a better real-time visual of the inner body; hence it helps in diagnosis too. We utilize keyhole surgery for the following purposes:

  • Sample collection of tissues for biopsy
  • Spine Fusion surgery Spine Decompression 
  • Spinal conditioning 
  • Spinal instrumentation 
  • Herniated disc or prolapsed disc

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Raut is a highly educated, trained, and skilled spine specialist. We provide a comprehensive range of spine treatment services, including consultation, diagnosis, surgeries, physiotherapy, etc. Dr. Raut specializes in doing very intricate and challenging MISS surgeries of the spine, giving positive results. 

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