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How to Relieve Hip Pain During Pregnancy?

Hip Pain During Pregnancy
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You are excited that your little one is growing just fine inside you, but that hip pain is killing you! And all you can think of is how to relieve hip pain during pregnancy! Don’t worry; you aren’t alone. Around 20% of women suffer from hip pain during their pregnancies.

"Avantika says she bought long body pillows during her second pregnancy so she could elevate one leg slightly while sleeping on her side. Even with that change, she had to wake up and switch sides several times during the night. Avantika slept in her husband's recliner near the end of her pregnancy, which gave her more control over her body's positioning."​

"Sukriti, who experienced hip pain during one of her pregnancies, thinks using pillows for support is a brilliant idea. She recommends checking whether your mattress is too firm — soften it with an inexpensive "egg crate" foam rubber pad, or replace it if you can afford it."​

So, as you see, these women too were bogged down with hip ailments and kept looking for ways as to relieve hip pain during pregnancy. But remember, consulting an expert should be your priority before finalizing your solution.

Table of Content

Why does hip pain occur in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your body generates hormones that relax and soften connective tissue. Due to this, the joints and ligaments between your pelvic bones will begin to loosen. Increasing the flexibility of these bones is critical for the baby to move through your body during labour. In addition, lower back pain, changes in posture, and a heavier uterus may all contribute to discomforting hip pain.

Other major causes of hip pain during pregnancy

If you are in search of ways as to relieve hip pain during pregnancy, you may first want to know about the reasons that are causing it; so that you may work to resolve them if possible:

  • Increased body weight
  • Muscle stretching occurs between the 18th and 24th weeks of pregnancy as your baby (and belly) grows.
  • The growing uterus is pressing on your nerves, causing pain that may extend to your thigh (often referred to as sciatica)
  • Having to sleep on your side only, rather than your back or stomach

How to relieve hip pain during pregnancy?

Muscle-strengthening exercises

According to our spine expert Dr. Saijyot Raut, strengthening exercises can prove beneficial during this period. There is a whole lot of significance of strengthening thigh and trunk muscles. This helps to spread the burden of work involved in keeping you standing and moving.

Furthermore, you may stretch your back, hips, and legs regularly. You may even try out prenatal yoga poses like the cat-cow, child’s pose, back leg stretch, and other poses.

While sitting and walking

Pregnancy can make the simplest of tasks in your day-to-day life look challenging. In fact, during your 2nd and 3rd trimester, even mere sitting, getting up, or walking can be a great deal due to the pain in your hip. If this sounds familiar, this is how to relieve hip pain during pregnancy.

  • While walking – As the baby grows, maintain good posture while standing and walking to avoid straining the lower back muscles. Maintain a straight back and avoid leaning back. When standing, take a wide stance.


  • While sitting – Sit and stand with caution, using your legs and selecting firm, supportive chairs. Place a pillow on your lower back for comfort and to encourage you to keep your back straight.

Some water at your aid

You may need to limit your walking by the third trimester because too much walking can aggravate hip pain. Because pregnant women are advised to get adequate exercise, now might be a good time to try swimming, relieving strain on the hips and other joints. Also, soaking in some warm water for a good half an hour can relax your hip and relieve you of the pain.

Heat and Cold Therapy

Relieve hip pain during pregnancy with heat and cold therapy? You may begin by applying cold compresses (such as a bag of ice or a frozen gel pack covered in a towel) to the painful area several times a day for up to 20 minutes.

Post two or three days, apply heat to the painful area with a heating pad or a hot water bottle. Do not overheat the water, make sure to have a temperature that is bearable enough on your skin. However, avoid applying heat to your abdomen while pregnant.

Heard of an Iliac brace?

Consider wearing an iliac brace, also known as a pregnancy belt, to support your back and midsection while you’re out and about. One with an extra band underneath the belly can also relieve some of the stress that is going on in your hips. Our ortho specialist Dr. Saijyot is a thorough professional and offers the best advice to his patients. So feel comfortable and request a recommendation from him for an iliac brand that may be appropriate for you.

Relief through Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a type of Chinese medicine in which thin needles are inserted into specific points on your skin. studies show that acupuncture is pretty effective in relieving low back and hip pain during pregnancy.

The Chiropractic way

Chiropractic manipulation of the spine, when performed correctly, can be safe during pregnancy; Ask Dr. Saijyot for the correct way to practice it.

Looking for more tips about how to relieve hip pain during pregnancy? Here you go:

  • Avoid lifting anything weighing more than a few pounds. If at all you need to lift something heavy (or your kid), make sure you do it correctly. Rather than bending at the waist, squat down and bend with your legs rather than your back.

  • Get around and move rather than sitting or standing in one place for too long. You may also prop up both the on a box or a stool when sitting. Keep taking frequent breaks if you cannot avoid standing at a stretch.

  • Put away those heels until you are done with your pregnancy. Low-heeled shoes with a good arch are always helpful for your hip.

  • Make sure you have a firm mattress to sleep on. Too soft mattresses can make your spine and hip even achier.

How can Dr. Saijyot Raut help you?

Along with a Master’s degree in Orthopaedic, Dr. Saijyot is highly specialized in bone and muscle issues. He works with the Spine team at the prestigious Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai and is also the director of the Doctor House Super Speciality Clinic. Not only can he suggest the most appropriate ways as to relieve hip pain during your pregnancy, but you may also discuss any persistent spine-related problems that you might be facing. So consult him for a reliable, validated diagnosis.

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